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Necklace sets


Necklaces are a beautiful addition to every style and there are many ways to wear them. To help you combine the necklaces here are few ideas. Some of Muja Juma’s little treasures have parentheses in middle part of the necklace. These parentheses give you the ability to make one necklace into a double necklace.

To help you combine necklaces here are the basics for a good start:

Step one is starting with a longer necklace with a pendant. This is the longest necklace you will use.

Step two is choosing a necklace that is a little less long with a different pendant to create some variation.

Step three
is to finish with a small necklace without a pendant (or a very small one).

Attention to detail
A few more things to keep in mind are your outfit choices. A minimalistic style can go with almost anything. However, it’s always a good idea to know a few things before deciding which type of necklace set you want.

Outfit choice
If you are wearing an item with a V-neck, a minimalistic necklace set will make your look cleaner. Using a statement necklace set with a V-neck would make your outfit bolder and all the attention would go to your necklaces (of course if you want that, go for it!).

Outfits with a round neck are more suitable for a (long) minimalistic necklace set or one long necklace. You want to use a long necklace with short round neck fittings. If you use a short necklace, it will look like you have a short neck.

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