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These rings are made for stacking and that is what we'll do. Nowadays Ring parties are all the rage! A ring party is the stacking / stacking of a number of rings on top of each other. Most Muja Juma rings are stackable. Here is the guide to quickly and easily make beautiful ring party combinations. All rings mentioned can be found in this overview.
 muja juma labardorite ring party
Stacking is the basis of a ring party, it means adding ring after ring in an attractive way.
Some rings are made for stacking, which means that they are either stacked or have bands with details. These details make them even more beautiful and eye-catching in a ring party.

A minimalist ring party means that you can wear it with any style and it doesn't have many colors and shapes.

A statement ring party is the opposite. For example, this one has a few statement rings that are often larger than the others and have a more expressive shape.

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to ring parties is: "Am I doing the same on both hands?" Often the choice is made to make a combination of a subtle hand and a statement hand. However, it all depends on your own style and choice.

Here you can find all the rings that are indicated above. Follow us for inspiration on Instagram.