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Metallic color

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Muja Juma Necklace Oval Aqua

Necklace Oval Aqua is made from 925 sterling silver with a gold-plating. The stone of this necklace is Aqua Chalcedony. You can wear the necklace on different sizes longest is 45/42/38cm.


Muja Juma Necklace Wave

Necklace Tourmaline wave gold plated 925 sterling silver . Available in 3 colors. Multi = Tourmaline a stone with a protective and cleaning effect. Black = Onyx a stone that stands for support, strength and perseverance. Azure Blue = Amazonite a stone


Muja Juma Necklace Etnic Oval

Necklace Labradorite Etnic oval gold plated 925 sterling silver


Muja Juma Fancy Labradorite necklace

Necklace Fancy Labradorite gold plated 925 sterling silver


Muja Juma Fancy Peach Necklace

Fancy Peach moonstone necklace goldplated 925 Sterling Silver