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Gift Guide

Muja Juma’s little treasures are designed to be the perfect gift - almost too perfect because you want to keep them to yourself ;).  

This Gift Guide will help you choose the perfect gift. 

Earrings come in all shapes and sizes. Some people base their earring choice on style, the shape of their face or length of their hair. We have written a short guide for choosing the right earrings. 

Bracelets: not bound by size, so easiest choice! 
Two questions:  1. Does she like silver or gold plated? 
                          ​2. Does she prefer a minimalistic look or does she like it more playful with stones and colors?  

Rings: If you know her ring size that’s great! If not, there are a few ways to find out. Ask her 😉 or guess. Our rings are usually worn on all fingers. Big chance one will fit. If not, you have 14 days to exchange or return it.   

Our necklaces have small rings on different lengths, which make it possible to close the necklace on various lengths. Good to know: a necklace is not bound to size! 

Little treasures come in very cute, little glass boxes and will be beautifully wrapped for you. We hope this gift guide will help you make a decision, and remember: a gift is a token of appreciation so that’s already an amazing thing to receive!  


If you have any questions, please don't hessitate to contact us.


Muja Juma team