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How to treat

To make sure your little treasure stays as beautiful as the first day you got it, here are a few things you can do.


Little treasures
Each little treasure comes with a glass box. The best way to keep the little treasures beautiful for a long time is to keep them in these boxes. In this way it can be assumed that they are not exposed to unwanted substances.

Wear them
The little treasures are made for you to enjoy. When worn, they adapt to the wearer. This way they will not oxidize.

Protect them
Some substances are aggressive and can affect the little treasures. Some of these substances are:
alcohol, water, perfume and disinfection. When using these substances, protect the little treasures by taking them of or covering them whilst using these products.

Silver clean
If the silver pieces are not worn for a while, they can oxidize. To solve this can they are cleaned with silver clean. If there are no stones on your little treasure, they can be put in a silver bath for up to two minutes. If there are stones on it, it is best to use a clean cloth, a little silver cleaner and then gently clean them by hand.

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