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Earring Guide

To determine which earrings looks best on you, you must know the shape of your face. There are a few things you can do. The first thing is to put your hear into a pony tale and look in the mirror. Which of the shapes that are described below look most like your face? Now that you have determined the shape of your face, you can see which type or earring looks best on you.

If your face is square shaped then round hoop earrings, dangling and elongated earrings are a great choice for you. They will make your cheekbones look softer. These little treasures are a perfect fit for you:

Square matches with round and it’s the same the other way around! If you have a round face, square, elongated earrings are the perfect match for you! Here are some of our favorites for you:

Do you have a heart shaped face? Than drop and dangling earrings will look great on you!

Long shaped faces are a great for studs and ear party’s! You can combine multiple earrings. However, you should steer clear from long hanging earrings because they will make your face look long. Short and broad earrings are very much suited for you. Here are some of our favorites and some inspiration for your next earparty:

And last but not least the oval shaped face! You are very lucky because all the above are perfectly suited for you!


Now that you are all set you can find the perfect earrings for you or for someone special. See our Gift Guide for more.


Muja Juma team